Forevid Video Analyzer Software v1.2.1

Forensic Video Analyzer Software - Analysis Video File Formats



A Complete Video Forensics Software to Enhance and Analysis of different file format from any source including CCTV, Surveillance Cams, Mobile Devices and Video Files

  • Option to Record Screen while Forensic Analysis of input Video File
  • Export Current Frame for Editing and Option to Move on Clipboard
  • Option to Bookmark Framed and Save as images File Format
  • Select & View Video Frames as Image In ForeVid Forensic Analyzer
  • Different Filter such as Resize, Enhance, Deinterlace, Rotate Frames
  • User Encode Feature to Convert Video in Different File Format
  • View Meta Details of Video Projects Created In Forevid Software
  • Inbuit Images Editor to Edit Frame from Captured Video file

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Prominent Features of Free Forevid Video Analyzer

record screen in forevid free download

Record Screen Option

Forevid Video Analyzer offers options to record screen during forensic analysis of video file. Monitor the Complete activity in file format to prevent any alteration of digital evidence during collection and examination. Also Change the “Frame Rate” of recording and save in .avi format

 Bookmark Video Frames In forevid forensic video analysis

Bookmark Video Frames

Bookmark option to add information to specific Frame of Input Video file for editing resulted in faster and efficient investigation. With Forevid Forensic video analyzer bookmark the frame as a PDF or copy it to the clipboard to edit with Image Editor.

rotate frames for forensic analysis of video

Advanced Rotate Filter

You can move the Position of input file such as “Rotate Left, Right, Trun180, Flip Horizontal and Vertical and play reverse the video file for investigation in Forevid Software

Resize and Deinterlace frame in free forevid software

Resize and Deinterlace File

Change the Size of Input video with various filter such Bilinear, Bicubic, Spline36, Lanczos, and Point Resize to smooth texture mapping. Use Deinterlace filter to create a non-interlaced form of the frame.

encode video in different file

Encode Video In Another Format

Video Encoding option to convert Video into a compatible format for other video player devices. Select the Encoding setting to change the quality of video while converting into lossless MP4, MKV FLV, and SFX Player (exe) File format.

export frame to pdf format

Export Bookmark Frame As PDF Format

After Bookmarked the important frames, export them into Portable Document Format (PDF) to easily access with Forevid Forensic Software to generate a report.

image editor of free forevid software

Edit Frames with Image Editor

Select the Specific Frame to Edit using Built-In Image Editor of Forevid Forensic Software. This Editor includes Zoom In, Color Fill, Blur, Border, Crop, Scale, and Pixelize option to examine the image.

project details in forevid software

Preview Project Details

Create Different Project to manage the forensic cases. While Opening project Forevid Software displays such as “ Author name, Description, Date Modified and Amount of Videos” and location of the project.

Specifications of Forevid Forensic Video Analysis Software



Basic Requirements
  • Latest version: 1.2.1
  • Around 50 MB free space for installation
  • System requirements: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Free Download
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Screenshots of Forevid Software

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I Convert video Data into AVS File format?

Yes, Forevid forensic video analysis tool offers an option to save data into .avisynth scripts

Can I play the video One Frame at a time?

Yes, you can view one frame at a time of the video. Also, you can rewind and cut the specific section of video also.

Can I edit or enhance the frame, bookmarked with the Forevid Forensic software.

You can go for Built-In Image Editor of Forevid Software to edit to examine the specific frame using free forensic video analysis tool

Is Forevid video analysis software supports Spline36 and Lancoz filter for image scaling or not?

Yes, You can apply Spline36 and Lancoz filter for scaling video properly. Additionally, it also offers Point and BiCubuic and Bilinear scaling option for resizing of file

Client Reviews

One of the best Free forensic Video analysis tool to examine video file of different media devices. Easy to use and basic enhancing feature to examine the video are equipped with it.

- Melinda Miller, Itlay

Impressed with built-in Image Frame Editor to examine the bookmarked framed and save into image file format.

- Sophia Ryan, Denmark

Advanced Forensic Video Analyzer to perform detailed analysis of the videos recorded from surveillance and Videos Cameras devices

- Johnnie Flowers, Belgium

I've used Forevid Video Analyzer tool recently and got very impressed with the desired result. Interactive Interface with Powerfull features and filter help me a lot to examine a rough video.

- Cory Armstrong, America

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