Forensic MBOX Viewer v4.0

Free Tool to Examine & Analyze MBOX Files Thoroughly


Forensic MBOX Viewer

Tackle all the challenges of MBOX forensics with MBOX Viewer application. A free and standalone application that helps investigators to examine MBOX files in detail.

  • Forensics MBOX viewer to perform in-depth analysis of multiple MBOX files
  • View evidence in MBOX files without compromising the data integrity
  • Preview all the MBOX emails in 8 different modes with In-built Forensic viewer
  • Supports analysis of email attachment files such as documents, images, etc.
  • Analyze MBOX files of over 20 email clients including Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.
  • Proper Indexing of Emails for a quick and reliable MBOX analysis
  • Supports all variants of MBOX files: MBX, MBS, MBOX (with/without extension)
  • Sort emails with multiple parameters like From, To, Sent, Received, size, etc.
  • A standalone application that does not require any email client installation
  • Helps forensic investigators in examining MBOX data on all Windows versions
  • Can Examine MBOX files of services such as Google Takeout, Backupify, etc.
  • Capable of viewing corrupt and damaged MBOX file for in-depth MBOX forensics

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Key Features of Free Forensic MBOX Viewer

mbox analysis of emails

Multiple MBOX Mail Analysis

Open and read the content of MBOX files without compromising the email formatting. This free MBOX forensics tool performs proper indexing of emails and helps investigators to analyze multiple MBOX files at once. It provides a detailed preview of all the MBOX emails with parameters such as subject, to, from, date, etc. Users can also sort email messages as per these parameters.

scan and load mbox files efficiently

Advance Scanning Options

The Forensic MBOX file viewer consists of powerful algorithms that can scan and index multiple MBOX files in one go. It also has the capability to automatically fetch the MBOX database of Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and several other email clients. Additionally, this MBOX analyzer supports all MBOX variants including MBS, MBX, SBD, and MBOX file (with or without extension).

view and examine mbox files easily

Preview Emails in 7+ Views

Forensic investigators can perform in-depth MBOX mail analysis in eight different views. These robust mail view tabs provide each minute detail about the message content and help in analyzing MBOX files in detail. The eight preview windows provided by the software are:

  • Mail
  • Hex
  • Properties
  • Message Header
  • MIME
  • HTML
  • RTF
  • Attachments
mbox forensics of all mbox files

Supports over 21 Email Applications

The MBOX viewer application is designed to work with MBOX files of any origin. This free tool supports MBOX files from outdated email applications such as Entourage, SeaMonkey, Eudora to popular ones like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. Users can even examine MBOX files generated by email services such as Google Takeout, Backupify, etc. Although this tool is operable on Windows, it still supports the MBOX files of other OS origin like Mac, Linux, etc.

view and explre mbox attachments

Explore MBOX Attachments

Attachments play a vital role in communication through emails. And, hence, are quite helpful in carving out suspected evidence from MBOX files. MBOX Viewer Forensics tool eases this very procedure by indexing the attachments of emails in a separate view window. It supports multiple types of attachment types including documents, images, etc.

open corrupt mbox file

Investigate Damaged MBOX File

The advanced algorithms of the MBOX forensics explorer render the preview of even the corrupt or damaged MBOX files. The usual process of loading, scanning and previewing of MBOX files is also applicable to the damaged files. Users can open and analyze the email message, headers and attachments of corrupt MBOX file in multiple preview modes.

switch display mode for convenience

Switch Display Mode for User Convenience

The graphical user interface of the forensic MBOX viewer is easy-to-use and flexible to work with. Users can even choose to switch the preview mode provided by the software. There are two choices: Horizontal preview mode and Vertical preview mode.

perform mbox mail analysis

Examine MBOX files without Limitations

There is no restriction on the amount of MBOX files that can be read with the free MBOX file viewer. Users are free to investigate or preview unlimited messages without any hidden charge or limit. Additionally, the tool supports the analysis of even large MBOX files and does not put any overhead on the size of files to be viewed.

standalone forensic mbox viewer

Standalone MBOX Forensic Software

The software is capable of previewing emails and attachments without the requirement of any external application. Users can scan and load orphan MBOX files without any email client dependency.

supports all Windows versions
Smooth Working on All Windows OS

This MBOX viewer tool is designed to work smoothly on all the Windows systems. It can operate efficiently on Windows 10. 8, 7, XP and all below Windows OS versions.

Specifications of MBOX File Forensics Software

MBOX Viewer Forensic

Product Information

  • Latest Version: 4.0
  • Software Size: 14.4 MB

System requirements

  • Hard Disk Space: Minimum 100 MB required
  • RAM: Minimum 1 GB required
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 1GHz or equal
  • Operating System: Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ XP/ Vista (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows 2012/ 2008/ 2003/ 2000

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Screenshots of MBOX Analysis Tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I preview the contents of multiple MBOX files?

Yes, MBOX file viewer offers an option to add multiple MBOX files at once. It scans and loads all the added MBOX files and preview the email messages without any issue.

Is it possible to read corrupt or damaged MBOX file?

Yes, it is possible to open and read corrupt MBOX files with this free forensic software. It’s advanced algorithms are capable enough to index the damaged MBOX files and preview its content easily.

Will I be able to view the attached files of MBOX emails?

Yes, the MBOX forensics tool provides a separate view window for analyzing the attachments of each MBOX email.

Do I need an external email application for MBOX forensic purpose?

No, this is a standalone application that does not require any external support. It allows users to preview and examine emails without nay supportive email client.

Does the Forensic MBOX Viewer support MBOX files of Mac origin?

Yes, the software is capable of loading the MBOX files of any origin: Windows, Mac or Linux. However, the software itself is developed to run on Windows platform.

Is there any limitation associated with the file size or usage of this software?

No, there is no limitation imposed on the amount or size of MBOX files that can be rendered by this tool. Users can perform MBOX analysis without any limitations.

Can I perform MBOX header analysis for digital investigation through this tool?

Yes, you can use the software as MBOX header analyzer. A separate window that showcases all the header information is available while viewing the MBOX emails. Additionally, users can also work with 7 other view windows including RTF, attachment view.

How to analyze MBOX files with Forensic MBOX File Viewer?

Follow the given steps to examine MBOX files with the given software:

  • Step 1: Open MBOX Viewer on Windows system
  • Step 2: Add MBOX files or use Auto-fetch option
  • Step 3: Preview of all emails in multiple views
  • Step 4: Separate tab to analyze MBOX attachments
  • Step 5: Switch display mode as per convenience
Client Reviews

This is quite a formidable tool to examine MBOX files on Windows system. It has a simple yet intuitive UI and provides a complete view of all the email messages.

- Maria Jacob, Australia

Forensic MBOX viewer is undoubtedly the best application to analyze MBOX files and all the attachments associated with it. The ability to view MBOX headers of all the emails is certainly a plus point for all forensic investigators.

- James Baratheon, Hungary

Easy to use software with no dependency on any email application. Works well with both Thunderbird & Google Takeout MBOX files. I also upgraded to converter for saving selective emails in PDF format.

- Eallise Adams, Canada

There is always a requirement of Forensic MBOX viewer application while conducting a digital investigation. This tool’s ability to preview each and every detail of the MBOX file without requiring any external application is really valuable for carving evidence.

- Daniel Cryus, USA

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