Forensic OST Viewer v5.0

Free Forensic Utility to Open, Read and Analyze OST Files


Forensic OST Viewer

Forensic OST Viewer tool is a standalone software that let users to view and analyze OST file without installing Microsoft Outlook application. With the help of this utility, one can seamlessly view all the OST mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, notes, etc in a sophisticated way.

  • Capable Enough to View Offline OST Emails Along With the Attachments
  • Provides a Complete Preview of OST File in Multiple Preview Modes
  • Renders Dual Mode Scanning Option to Open and Analyze Corrupted OST File
  • Displays The Item Count For Each Folders & Sub Folders For Selected OST
  • Efficiently Previews Multiple OST Files at a Time for Instant Analysis of OST File
  • Does Not Require Server Environment to Open and Examine OST File
  • Relocate Temp Folder Path to Another Drive to Reduce Memory Usage
  • One Can Avail the Free Installation at all Time on Multiple Computers
  • Rapidly Reloads the Saved Scan File Without Taking Time to View OST Files
  • No OST File Size Restriction to Read and Analyze OST Files Wisely
  • Compatible on the Latest Windows 10 OS and All the Below Versions

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Prominent Features of Forensic OST Viewer

Analyze OST File

Capable to Preview Multiple OST Files

With Forensic OST Viewer tool, one can efficiently view and investigate the offline OST file in a smart yet reliable way. The various data items associated with the OST file can be easily previewed. This includes emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, journals, notes, etc Apart from that, it provides an instant preview of the different email attributes such as From, Sent, Received Date and so on.

Preview OST Files

View OST Emails & Its Attachments

Forensic OST File Viewer let users to effectively view the emails along with the attachments. Moreover, there is a different preview mode option available in the software interface to view the attachments. From the Attachments preview mode, one can easily view the different attachments with respect to each email message. It is also capable to support various attachment file types like image, audio, files, etc.

Scanning Modes

Renders Dual Mode OST File Scan Options

Once the OST file is uploaded in the OST Forensics software interface, it permits users to perform the scanning of the OST file. Depending upon the corruption level, one can avail the scan options. In case if the OST file is healthy or has minimal OST corruption, then go to Quick scan. In the other case, if the OST file is severely damaged, then avail the Advance Scan option.

No Pre-requirements

No Pre-requirements are Needed

In order to avail this freeware Forensic OST Viewer software, it does not require any specific or additional applications, which is to be installed on the system to open and read OST files. This means it is completely a standalone software wherein a user can seamlessly view and analyze OST file without installing MS Outlook or Exchange Server on the system.

Examine OST Contacts

Option to Preview Contacts Data Item

Apart from previewing the OST emails along with the attachments, one can also preview the contacts data item in which it displays the OST Contacts & Distribution lists. This added feature makes easy for a user to analyze the contacts folder. Once the OST Forensics software is launched, the entire contacts will appear in a similar way as it is appears in the MS Outlook application.

Analyze OST File Calendars

Facilitates to View Calendars Mailbox Item

Besides previewing the emails and contacts data items, Forensic OST File Viewer software let users to view other OST data items such as calendars, notes, tasks, journals, etc. By default, the software shows the preview of the emails. Furthermore, a user can read other mailbox items by navigating to the specific tab like the calendar. By which, a user can easily check the various activities, scheduled appointments, etc from the OST calendar in a hassle-free way.

OST Optimized

Optimized OST Viewing Functionality

By availing this smart Forensic OST Viewer software, it enables users to open the OST file items optimizely without showing any crash report. Additionally, it provides the option to change the temp folder location from installation drive to any free drive space. Doing this will permit users to reduce the main memory consumption.

OST Search Software

Performs Advanced Searching of OST File

With the help of this futuristic OST Search software, one can quickly fetch the desired emails by performing the advanced searching functionality. For that, a user must specify the various matching keywords or words in the given searching criteria’s option. In addition to that, it also lets users to apply various filters so as to deeply perform the advanced searching process for the offline OST file.

Perform OST Forensics

Option to Perform Forensic Analysis

The Forensic OST File Viewer tool is developed in such a way that a user can deeply analyze the OST email headers to trace the information smartly. It offers the Message Header View mode wherein a user can quickly analyze the header information. The Hex view is another preview mode, which displays the information bit-by-bit to smoothly investigate the email messages.

Specifications of OST File Forensics Software

Forensic OST File Viewer

Product Information

  • Latest Version: 5.0
  • Software Size: 18.1 MB

System Requirements

  • Hard Disk Space: Minimum 100 MB required
  • RAM: Minimum 1 GB required
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 1GHz or equal
  • Operating System: Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ XP/ Vista (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows 2012/ 2008/ 2003/ 2000

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Screenshots of OST Forensics Software

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Analyze Offline OST File without Outlook?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to examine OST file without Outlook:

  • Step 1: Open Forensic OST Viewer on Windows Operating System
  • Step 2: Add OST Files to Analyze Outlook Emails
  • Step 3: View OST Emails in Multiple Preview Modes
  • Step 4: Separate Tab to Examine OST File with Attachments
  • Step 5: Switch Display Mode As Per Convenience

Does the tool pose any limitation to the size of the OST file to view the emails out of it?

No, there is no such limitation on the size of the Outlook OST file. The Forensic OST Viewer software allows users to open OST file of any file size to seamlessly view and examine the OST data file.

Is it possible to view orphan OST file with this freeware utility?

Yes, OST Forensics Viewer is a standalone software that does not require any external application or server environment to read and view the offline OST file by the Forensic OST Viewer.

Does the tool provide the functionality to read the emails from a corrupted OST file?

Yes, The Forensic OST Viewer tool performs dual mode scanning functionality i.e., Quick and Advanced scan. In which, it performs the scanning of the corrupted OST file where it enables users to view and examine the OST files efficiently. The Quick mode scans the minor-level corruption from the OST file. On the other hand, Advanced scan mode performs deep scanning of every sector of the file to easily open and read the data out of it.

Does the tool allow to read OST file from the Windows 10 Operating system?

Yes, As this Forensic OST File Viewer tool is compatible with Windows 10 OS and all the prior versions. Thus, one can swiftly open and analyze OST file in Windows 10 OS to perform forensic analysis to examine the email messages.

Is it possible to view the OST calendar data with the help of this tool?

Yes, the OST Forensics tool is designed in such a way that it helps users to view and examine the OST file emails, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks and other data items efficiently.

Can I read the email headers of the OST email for forensic analysis with the help of this tool?

Yes, this OST Viewer Forensic tool provides 8+ preview modes wherein a user can effortlessly open and investigate the OST emails in a trouble-free way.

Client Reviews

I was sincerely looking for a software that could flawlessly allow me to view the emails from the corrupted OST file. After a month research, I got to know about Forensic OST Viewer tool, which allowed me to view the OST emails along with the attachments out of the damaged Outlook OST file. I am extremely satisfied with the countless features of this utility. A big thanks to the team for developing such a feature-rich software!

- Diana Felix, USA

While undergoing the investigation process, I picked a pen drive, which consists of Offline OST file. Now, opening this OST file was exceedingly a major challenge for me as I need to install Outlook application on the system, which is no doubt a tedious task. However, with the help of this OST Viewer Forensic tool, I could easily open and examine the orphan OST file without installing Outlook or Exchange Server.

- Henry Murray, Switzerland

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